About The Author

Born in 1962 as the first child of Bonnie & Bob, I grew up with my younger brother in the Kingtown community of Bristol, Virginia.

Long before I found myself in this neighborhood of the poorest Monopoly streets, the paper mill that was the lifeblood of the town had closed its doors, casting only the shadow of its tall thin smokestack across our homes.

It was there that I learned at an early age that both nature and nurture impose artificial limitations on everyone. And while challenging those limitations were discouraged in my household, I would spend my life dreaming of a better future, pursuing my dream of breaking free of what was assumed to be my legacy. I came to know very quickly that challenging those limitations was at times rewarding, and at other times punishing.

Throughout the years of trial and error, I developed the principles to which I credit for my success in every major decision in my life. By constantly evaluating the risks and rewards of every opportunity in front of me, I was able change my life… and secure my future.

Now it’s time for more change—and more choices that I hope will enrich not only my life, but also the lives of the people I feel blessed to call my friends.