The Lucky Man Blog

So many people we meet in our lives have little or no hope for the future. The Lucky Man Blog was developed to help these people begin to find hope by share stories from the past of the author. These stories will demonstrate how a set of principles followed for every day life could be so simple that anyone could follow them, and yet so powerful that their practice could help overcome practically any obstacle. These principles include both logical and spiritual qualities that help the follower focus on improving himself first and then his life.

Read on to learn how the author developed these in his own life during times when he had little hope, and his entire future and perhaps even his life was a stake. Join our author as he weaves his way through the trials of his life, and how through the application of these principles, he not only found hope. He found true peace in his life.

The Big Move

Brad Pitt said in the movie World War Z, "movement is life." As I make perhaps the biggest move of my life, I can't help but believe this is true. We can choose to stay where we are in life, or evolve and adapt to new things, and a new way of living. Those who don't are doomed to continue the same cycles of life that they've become comfortable with. And maybe that's okay for some people. It certainly was for my parents. But as I reach the point where my life is at a crossroads, I'm ready to shake things up. My children have grown and have their own lives. After spending most of my life raising my girls, the big house I live in seems a little empty, and quiet. I miss their energy, their youth and their vibrance. So it's time to move on.

My friends question my sanity, and wonder why I would want to give up the home I've worked so hard to build to move into a downtown loft. Although it happened quickly, and seems to those people that live on the edge of my life to be a hasty decision, that couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is, I made this decision years ago, and put it into action early in 2014 by adding my name to several waiting lists.

The call came on April 14th, and at first I brushed it off. Out of curiosity I agreed to look 2 days later, but had no intention of taking it. That is until I saw it. This place had the best of everything I could imagine. It was huge – nearly twice the size of the main level of my home. Lot's of exposed brick, and the perfect mix of old and new. And with a 750 square foot private terrace in back, the entertaining I'd grown to love didn't have to stop. We'd have plenty of room for guests both inside and out. And the parking issues most lofts suffer from wasn't going to be a problem here. With a garage and a number of parking spaces in the parking lot that supports the business below, we'd have plenty of room there to.

As limiting this viewing to curiosity failed me, I started to ask myself if I should make the move. I could stay where I was, in the home that I built for my family, or I could move to the kind of place I had dreamed of for several years now. It wouldn't be easy – the cost would be significantly higher. Major adjustments on both sides of my budget would be required. Following a dream comes with a price. But unlike many dreams, this one was achievable.

I sought council from my friend Steve, and he was quick to tell me that there was no way I could justify this financially, but that didn't mean I couldn't afford it. "Sometimes life is about fulfilling your dreams if the cost is reasonable, even if it only makes sense to you."

The next day I agreed to take the loft. I asked my realtor to put my home on the market immediately. I'd be leaving my home of 15 years for a new home, and a new adventure. The energy of the city – even in our small town – was drawing me in like a magnet. On May 26th, my dream becomes a reality.