The Lucky Man Blog

So many people we meet in our lives have little or no hope for the future. The Lucky Man Blog was developed to help these people begin to find hope by share stories from the past of the author. These stories will demonstrate how a set of principles followed for every day life could be so simple that anyone could follow them, and yet so powerful that their practice could help overcome practically any obstacle. These principles include both logical and spiritual qualities that help the follower focus on improving himself first and then his life.

Read on to learn how the author developed these in his own life during times when he had little hope, and his entire future and perhaps even his life was a stake. Join our author as he weaves his way through the trials of his life, and how through the application of these principles, he not only found hope. He found true peace in his life.

The Invisible Man

I've been invisible most of my life to most people. Having grown up in a world of Have Nots, you quickly learn that you are completely invisible to the Haves. To make matters worse, if you begin to step into the world of the Haves, you also start to become invisible to the Have Nots.

Back then, I could only dream of living in this other world. And today, in spite of my meager beginnings and too many mistakes along the way to count, my world is incredibly different. And it's not so much because I have more today than I did in my childhood as a Have Not. I find today that I have something that few around me have, and I believe it comes from finally fulfilling one of my childhood dreams. 

Having the life of my dreams today gives me so much raw energy, so much love for life. And in spite of the fact I am right now in yet another a down cycle of the career I've had all my life, I wake up every morning excited about the day to come. I know the next up cycle is just around the corner. There is something special about living your dreams. No matter how bad life gets, it's still better than the alternative.

This life has taught me a lot about becoming a Have too. The fact is, today I am The Invisible Man to those Have Nots from my youth. Although many years ago I was mostly invisible to many of those Haves I knew, today these guys do something my old friends don't. They answer the phone when I call and respond to my invitations.

In the last few days though, I have come to a realization. There are those in this life that were born to the kind of life I have always dreamed of. They've never known any kind of life other than that. Having always had that kind of life, that have no idea what it's like to achieve a life long dream. They don't understand how achieving that kind of dream can give you such energy, such love for life.

I can only imagine that while I'm always thinking what's next, they are likely asking themselves is this all there is? And my energy, my eternal quest for the next dream is abrasive to them. They don't understand it, and they may even envy it. Although my energy, my love for life can most certainly be contagious, they avoid me because they are afraid if they do catch it, they might fail at trying to become something more than they are today. So when they see me on the street, to them I am The Invisible Man.

As I step back and think about all that I have today, nothing is more important to me that the sheer energy, the unstoppable drive, and the love for life that comes from living my dreams, and making my life better than it was yesterday. And I feel so blessed for having earned this life rather than have it given to me.

But this blog is not suppose to be about me, it's suppose to be about giving you the reader something you can use to make your life better. Don't let my personal energy drive you away. It is contagious and when you catch it, you'll be happy that you did. Don't ever ask yourself is this all there is, even if you think you've got everything in life that matters. Follow your dreams no matter what.

Don't have a dream? As Bob Dylan wrote – I'll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours.