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So many people we meet in our lives have little or no hope for the future. The Lucky Man Blog was developed to help these people begin to find hope by share stories from the past of the author. These stories will demonstrate how a set of principles followed for every day life could be so simple that anyone could follow them, and yet so powerful that their practice could help overcome practically any obstacle. These principles include both logical and spiritual qualities that help the follower focus on improving himself first and then his life.

Read on to learn how the author developed these in his own life during times when he had little hope, and his entire future and perhaps even his life was a stake. Join our author as he weaves his way through the trials of his life, and how through the application of these principles, he not only found hope. He found true peace in his life.

Where Are They Now?


I want to thank all my friends for the kind words yesterday. I'm a guy that lives a very complex life by following a handful of simple rules. And these simple rules allow me to evaluate every thing I do, and correct my course based on the outcome of my evaluation. As I step back this morning and reread the comments and compliments from the article I wrote very quickly yesterday morning, I have to believe that I am on the right course.

At the same time, I also see that those who chose to comment are old friends and classmates that I have reunited with in the last few months. Absent are my family and long term friends and coworkers, and I'm not quite sure what to make of this. These guys have stood with me through the good, the bad, and the really bad for the last 35 years. Now that I have found my voice, and perhaps even my purpose in life, they are quiet. Many of these people have stood beside me through the mine field that has been my life, and some of them know me better than I know myself. Yet where are they now?

Since it's inception, I have always meant for my blog to be a vehicle to share my thoughts, feelings, and experience on topics such as politics, religion, family, and everyday life. Because of the life I have lived, I feel I have unique perspectives on these kinds of topics, and I have lately felt compelled to share them. Perhaps my long term friends have heard much of what I have to say before, so they've just tuned it out. I get that. I'd probably be tuning myself out too.

But in the last months, weeks, and days, a new purpose for my blog has become apparent. But this purpose extends beyond my blogging to perhaps even how I live my life as a whole.

I mentioned in the beginning of this article that I lived by a handful of simple rules, and a new one has formed in the last several months. What steps I take to follow this rule are still being considered, but the rule itself is still very simple: I will use my life experiences combined with christian principles to give hope to people who have no hope.

These long term friends will question my ability to apply christian principles because I shunned organized religion many years ago, and promised to keep my relationship with God private. While Matthew 6:5-7 allows me to justify this decision, my reasons for making this decision are a story I will save for another article.

But today, as I begin another chapter in my life, I hope that all my friends – old, new, and rekindled – will continue to not only give me support, but also help me recognize when I'm off course. As I begin to share about my relationship with God, and the rewards he's given me on this earth, it's important to me that I don't fall into the traps Matthew 6:5 and 6:7 warned us about. And it's even more important that my motivation remain pure – give hope where there is no hope.